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Big Easy Generosity: New Orleans City Council Invest in Great Causes

Updated: Oct 5

Last week in NOLA, Councilmembers Eugene J. Green, Joe Giarrusso III, Helena Moreno, Jean-Paul Morrell and Oliver Thomas championed Johnny Jackson Jr. Foundation by awarding Community Grants from Cox Louisiana and Jazz Casino (Harrah's).

Johnny Jackson Jr. Foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for the residents of New Orleans through quality housing opportunities, blight removal, youth development and senior citizen engagement programs. With the Council's help, we can continue our work towards community development, not only preserving our unique character but also creating a brighter future for our residents.

The "Big Easy," has always been a city known for its rich culture, vibrant music scene, and delicious cuisine. But it's not just the lively atmosphere and Mardi Gras festivities that make this city special. The New Orleans City Council or Fab 5 should also be making headlines for their heartwarming acts of generosity. Allocating a portion of their budget to support various charitable causes, demonstrates that the spirit of giving runs deep in the heart of the Crescent City. They serves as an inspiration for other cities to prioritize philanthropy alongside governance.

Our City Council hear beaucoop complaints. Let's take the next few days to call them up and give them a great big THANK YOU! (Hope they don't mind, I caught a few pix of them having fun.)

The Fab 5

Eugene J. Green --- (504) 658-1040

Joseph I. Giarrusso III --- (504) 658-1010

Helena N. Moreno --- (504) 658-1060

Jean Paul "JP" Morrell --- (504) 658-1070

Oliver Thomas --- (504) 658-1050

City Council --- (504) 658-1060

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