PROGRAM PLANNING               

This committee's Responsibilities Are:


●    To oversee new program development, and 

       to monitor and assess exiting programs
●    To Initiate and guide evaluations and
●    To facilitate discussions about program

       priorities for the foundation


CHAIR: Honorable James Gray III

Mr. Johnny Jahi Jackson

Mr. Wilbert Thomas Sr.

La Belle Galerie - Ms. Bernadette Gilds Pinel

Mr. Daryl Anderson Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Russ

Ms. Betty Washington

FUNDING LEADERSHIP            This committee is responsible for overseeing the foundation’s fundraising and, 
In particular the fundraising done by the board. To accomplish this, its responsibilities are:


●    To work with board/staff to establish a                  series of appropriate vehicles (e.g. special            events, direct mail, product sales, etc)
●    To take the lead in certain type of outreach

      efforts, such as chairing a dinner/dance or

●    To monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that

     ethical practices are in place, that donors are

     acknowledged appropriately, and that

     fundraising efforts are cost-effective

CHAIR: Alena C. Stewart

Ms. Brandy Hills

Ms. Lear  Enclarde

Mr. Winston Burns

Ms. Bernadette Gildspinel

Ms. Lynette Matthews

Mr. Luther Otis, Jr.

Ms. Debra Davenport

Ms. Luciel Fracis

Ms. Sandra Mitchell

Ms. Alicia Hartford

Mrs. Andrea  Mumford


The list of duties for Community Outreach will include but not limited to:

●    Volunteer recruitment
●    Volunteer training and education
●    Creation, development and implementation of

      community fundraisers
●    Creation of strategies to retain current partners,

      volunteers and donors
●    Creation, development and implementation of media


CHAIR: Mr. Kevin  "KJ" Jackson

CHAIR: Mr. Eddie  Scott

Mr. Luther Otis, Jr.

Mr. Johnny Jahi Jackson

Mr. Wilbert Thomas Sr.

Ms. Maxine Weaver

 G. W. Carver Alumni President - Ms. Mary Evans

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Davis

Mr. Louis  Pierre

Ms. Samantha Spears

Mr. Darryl Warner

Mr.  Armon Whittaker

Ms. Rahsaana Ison

Class of '61 - Ms. Brenda Valteau

Blessed Trinity Father Daniel Green

Mr. Kevin Hartford

Mr. Jamar  Hill

Mr. & Mrs.    Irvin Mitchell

Mr. Terrence Johnson

Mr. Willie Jones

Ms. Paulette Lanaux

Mr. & Mrs. Hollis Price, Sr.

Mr. Albert  Smith

Mr. Jovan Southall

Mr. Jessie Turner

PUBLIC RELATIONS               This committee is responsible to maintain a positive image of the foundation in the community, to include:

●    Assist with planning a year-round public              relations support of foundation program
●    Work closely with board to plan ALL

      publicity and promotion in support of the

●    Help plan and develop marketing efforts

      that support the foundation’s services and



CHAIR: Naaman C. Stewart

Mr. Luther Otis, Jr.

Mr. Johnny Jahi Jackson

Ms. Maxine Weaver

G. W. Carver Alumni President - Mary Evans

Mr. James Ross, Sr.

Ms. Debra Davenport

Mr. Frank Charles

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY       This committee’s responsibilities are:

●    To review budgets initially prepared, to help

      develop appropriate procedures for budget
●    Preparations and consistency between the          budget and foundation plans
●    To recommend financial guidelines to the     

      board, work with board/staff to design such          guidelines
●    Reports and ensure reports are accurate              and timely
●    To recommend selection of the auditors and        work with the auditor


CHAIR: Mr. Milton McWilliams

Ms. Gina  Angelo

Mrs. Nichell Thompson

Mr. Wayne  (Anthony) Richard

Ms. DeShonne Drubet

Mr. James Ross, Sr.


This committee list of commitment will include:

●    Help provide vision necessary for foundation success
●    Arrange meetings with dignitaries
●    Assist with planning major fundraising events and

      community programs